SIP for Beginners

What is the first thing that you want to do as soon as you receive salary? Party? By something fancy? Well most of us use salary for saving to achieve or financial goals which can be carried out over span of time. Alternatively, mutual fund can be fruitful to improve your wealth depending on your investment methods. We all have heard that the mutual funds are subject to market risk but it doesn’t have to be if you have a long game plan smartly. This is where SIP comes in where you can invest in different types of mutual funds according to your financial needs and long-term goals.

Here are the following steps where you can be able to aware of what is SIP and how to invest in mutual funds smartly:

Disciplined Approach: One of the most amazing features of SIP is that you can choose an amount of money you want to invest which can be as low as Rupees 500. The amount you choose to invest will be automatically deducted from your account periodically and will help you to build financial discipline. So now you can spend your money as you wish without feeling guilty about not saving.
No need to time the market: The market can be like a rollercoaster ride where it crashes and so high without a volume which leaves investors feeling guilty. With SIP you don’t have to worry about any of the ups and downs because you will be investing regardless of the nature of the market. Over a span of time, it won’t affect your profitability. Now this brings us another great feature of SIP.
Rupee Cost Averaging: Your investment are consistent irrespective of the nature of market. When the market is low you will get more stocks and when it is high you will get fewer. Over a span of time the cost of stock will average out and you will receive a handsome profit despite of volatile market.
Power of Compounding: The beauty of investing in a tool like SIP is that the profit you make every month is compounded which can help to earn good amount of returns.
Affordability: It’s a myth that investments are luxury for the rich. With investment option of as low as rupees 500 per month you can offer SIP without worrying about any financial stream. Now you can even choose to discontinue a plan at any time without any publications of fixed locking period, convenience, the vast reach and endless possibilities of SIP makes it unique for everyone. You have a complete control of your future, variables such as how much to invest, where to invest, and durations are all decided to cater your financial needs, limitations and your goals.
Tax-saving: If you still find investing in SIP is not very lucrative then it has another outstanding form which medium-salaried taxpayer will love. If you choose SIP in ELSS scheme then it is applicable for tax saving. So now you not only making money by investing but you can also reduce your tax liability.

Software Development Consultants Supplement Knowledge or Skills to Provide Better Solutions

Companies have three choices when gaining desired software for internal or external use. Development solutions can be purchased as an off-the-shelf product, created by an internal staff, or acquired as an outsourced service. Consultants are professionals who assist with varying phases of the software creation process. They provide advice regarding the design, coding, or implementation of a program based upon organizational processes. Software development consultants can be an individual contractor or a complete firm with numerous experienced professionals. The service allows a company to obtain a solid solution designed to meet exact business desires at an optimal cost.

Off-the-shelf applications are rigid and costly products that often require an organization to adjust their processes to utilize the features being offered. Outsourced or internally coded apps provide the flexibility often necessary to generate a workable program to fit organizational processes. Maintaining an internal staff can be costly when a company is not creating consumer based software products. Hiring, payroll, and benefits for technical staff members take away from what could be invested into a productive software solution. Outsourced services offer expanded knowledge in multiple areas at a lower cost than an internal staff and can just as easily support the provided solution.

Application Development Software: Progressive Team Practices Improve Project Outcomes

Application development software practices are not set in stone as they once used to be. Traditional coding followed a set process where all features had to be defined upfront to be part of the design. Several individual programmers and internal teams still follow the traditional programming approach. Outsourced consulting services are beginning to take a different approach involving the same basic steps but at a much faster pace. Requirement coding is completed in short time frames to offer a working copy to a company throughout the development process. An organization can receive a usable version within the first week to two weeks of development and be using it as further features are being added. This approach is increasingly cost effective because only the necessary coding is performed. Traditional practices take several months to complete with the results often being less than desirable to a business.

Application development software professionals have enhanced experience in the vast multitude of functions organizations need an application to address. They also understand how requirements can change as a business better learns what is desired from the application. Consultants use their expertise and knowledge to help a company determine the best solution for meeting a specific function or set of processes. Individual contractors often have experience in certain business areas whereas a firm is familiar with various industries. Consultants are sometimes brought in to assist an in-house staff struggling with a project or can be hired in place of internal employees for a specific coding goal. Business and outsourced professionals work together to determine requirements, time frames, and design factors multiple times during the coding process. Software development consultants are a good choice when a business is lacking necessary knowledge or is uncertain as to what is needed. Outsourced services typically offer decreased costs to companies who need a thorough team working on the project but do not have affordable resources within their immediate area.

How to Identify Whether Your Social Media Consultant Is Right for You

With all the hustle and bustle of social media marketing, we can always do better with the help of a social media consultant. This applies most especially to those who are relatively new in the online marketing business.

It is pretty easy to imagine how confusing, difficult and overwhelming it must be for those who just recently jumped into the competitive waters of online social marketing.While there are some who are eager to get down and dirty with business and do trial and error, others simply do not have the time or patience for the gritty details surrounding the business.

This is where employing the expertise of a social media consultant is greatly needed to jumpstart one’s online business. However, do not let this urgent need fool you into just accepting anybody’s help. There will definitely be some people who will claim to be experts even if they do not know a single thing about the business. These people will waste a whole lot of your time and squander your money for their own gain without giving you an iota of the results you are aiming for.

To protect yourself and your business, here are some factors you should consider before you go ahead and hire a consultant.


The first thing that a consultant should be able to help you with your business is their knowledge of the entire industry; the market that you are involved in and the people who are most likely patronizing your products.

If a person claims to know a whole lot about the industry, you should then ask them about how much they know about you or your business. Does he understand your brand well enough and will he be able to find a way to mould a whole strategy around your company or product? When they give you sufficient answers you can then know that this person is the right man or woman for the job because he or she will be able to make the right and effective decisions for your strategy!

Social Media Connection

One of the best ways to engage and build relevant business relationships is through social media. There are those who are aware of the in-depth strategies needed and then there are those who just log in on Facebook or Twitter and claim to know how to utilize the network with marketing.

The question that you should never fail to ask is, “How is he going to marry your business with social media?” How fast can he understand the trends regarding your social network followers and how can he put two and two together to create a successful campaign? If he cannot do this, then you might as well say adios!

This goes the same when it concerns targeting the right people and getting them to respond to your updates, blogs as well as polls and surveys. If he doesn’t meet your expectations and you feel like you are not engaging new people for quite a while, then the person you are working with might be a fraud.

Remember, your business is important and the people who should be working with and for you, like social media consultants, should be an asset and not a roadblock. That is why you should always keep in mind to ask the right questions and not jump in with your eyes closed.

Statistical Consultation for PhD Dissertation

Dissertations require extensive work and in depth knowledge in many areas including statistics, so for PhD candidates statistical consulting services are a life savior. They can be life-saving, indeed, as the life of a doctoral candidate revolves mostly around his or her dissertation.

The best advice for a PhD candidate

Work smart, not hard! You have to put a lot of effort into your dissertation, so you should take every chance to make things easier. It is important to realize from the start that extensive hard work in the wrong direction will never help you achieve your goal. It is the combination of hard work with smart work that will take you ahead of your competition. The single most important factor that will make the difference in your dissertation journey is expert help, so do not hesitate to take that in the right moment.

It may be your first dissertation but there are experts available who have exclusive experience in dissertation work. They can grasp the core problem of your study and take you along in the process of writing a successful dissertation which is your ultimate goal. It is important to concentrate and be methodological until the final sentence of the final draft. The most difficult part will be the thesis data analysis and writing up thedissertation results, so keep an eye on the issue and start looking for statistical consulting services early in the process.

Setting the stage for dissertation writing

First of all, you need some quiet time in order to plan your writing. So why not take a cup of coffee and find a calm place where you can think about your dissertation, make a mind map and write it down. It is normal to have random thoughts at the beginning but eventually your ideas will get more organized. Do some research on the topics which came into your mind and consult your supervisor. He will be able to give you direction and orientation on what questions to ask in your study.

Dissertation writing when doing your PhD is very different from other research projects which you might have done at master’s level. It is far more professional, detailed, and demands high levels of accuracy. Be ready to go through numerous research papers while organizing the literature review and setting the foundation of your dissertation. It is useful to keep a diary of your work plans and to set achievable deadlines. Start your work early and be consistent so that you are not stressed towards the end.

Getting things right!

Getting things right in the beginning of the process is essential as this will smooth up the process. Correcting mistakes at later stage is cumbersome and at times impossible. The first and foremost question you should face is the statistical basis of your research paper. The reason for that is quite simple: mistakes in the statistical aspects of the paper will bring more difficulty, distress, disappointment and failure later on. It is the most essential issue you should be focusing on.

While doing the literature review, writing the study proposal, introduction, background and the rest of the dissertation, you will have to include statistical analysis of the data. It is always the statistical significance of the paper that matters. Most importantly, dissertation writing is not a one man show. Professional dissertation writing involves other disciplines as well, and the assistance that would be the most beneficial for you is that of the statisticians. The involvement of a statistical consultancy company with expert statisticians at the right phase of your dissertation writing will make things easy and help you avoid future worries. Statistical consultancy services offer exclusive statistics consulting and statistics help for doctoral candidates.

What is the bottom line?

Conserve your energy and get the work done by the best. PhD dissertation writing is not the time for experimentation. You cannot afford failure at this point, so what you need is to ask for assistance from the experts of the field at the right time. Statistics is a highly specialized field and it can have a tremendous impact on the success of your dissertation. Think about incorporate statistician services in all the stages: from the study protocol, designing, and sampling to thesis data analysis and write up.